It was more than clear That the people of Brownsweg had a great need in health information, when atleast 132 people showed up to be screened on blood pressure, glucose levels, HB and BMI. This health activity took place on 10th of December 2016 at the Brownsweg gathering hall. Despite the strikes going on at the Medical Mission, Health Care workers did not want to disappoint the many enthusiastic residents of Brownsweg by canceling this event. In addition to the regular checkups the people of Brownsweg could also get an HIV test. Atleast 57 people willing got themselves tested, which is a big deal, because of the underlying taboo that comes with HIV testing.

After the official part the villagers and Healthcare workers of Brownsweg held a walk while accompanied by a brass band throughout the whole village, which the locals provided. ‘It was a very beautiful sight to see how everybody enthusiastically participated. It was also great that so many people willing got tested on HIV. The Brownsweg clinic is happy with the results.’ Tells Jet Antamoi, regional head of the clinics of Brownsweg.