Diploma_Uitr_GZA_2011_4On November 4, 2011, the degree to health assistant at the Medical Mission, awarded to 12 students who have completed this training.

The course is recognized by the Ministry of Health and is under the supervision of the Inspection of nursing and caring professions, a working arm of the Ministry of Health, care.

The duration of the course is four years and is divided into several modules, including lessons and exam weeks at the Coordination Centre of the Medical Mission in Paramaribo, internship programs at the outpatient clinics in the interior and external placements in various health institutions in the training Paramaribo.Tijdens students are closely supervised by a practice supervisor. The program is completed in the fourth year with an oral and written examination.

To properly prepared for the tasks expected of them, the health assistant (GZA) for the first year of the program devoted to orientation. During this period the student is placed at different clinics of the Medical Mission in the interior for 10 months, to confess yourself with the process of the organization and the customs and traditions in the interior. The remaining months of this year of training to be given to theory and evaluation and progress meetings.

In this time of rapid development and modernization in general and healthcare in particular, is the profession of Health Assistant at the Medical Mission increasingly questioned. In addition, it fails to look at the system that are part of this health aides. Actually it must be the Primary Health Care model assessed. This model has been declared by the WHO as a solution to the unequal distribution of health care in the world and also in Suriname. Also this model can efficiently achieve better results of health for disadvantaged groups.
The health assistant is at the heart of this system, because they meet Specials patients under the supervision and direction of the Regional Manager and / or Regional Poli Main services in the outpatient clinics in the interior. Since the Medical Mission is the only organization that offers primary health care to domestic residents are GZA’s as much knowledge and skills imparted to that care.

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