The medical health workers (GZA’s) are an essential pivot of the health care model on which the Medical Mission Primary Health Care Suriname is based on. MZ works with health teams, where the doctors function as a supervisor and manager and where the GZA’s are the first point of contact for clients. It is because of the importance of the GZA, seen as a great accomplishment when a GZA finally graduates.

Simone PryorOn January 29th 2016, it was a festive occasion at the graduation ceremony of Tapoto Simone and Pryor Eugenie. Tapoto, who graduated with high scores, expressed her gratitude in an emotional speech, “ I thank the Lord above for my success. I wasn’t always easy, because there have been times where I really could not take it anymore. But luckily, Simone and I kept on pushing. And now we are finally here! The real work begins now for us.”

Chairman of the foundation’s board of the Medical Mission Primary Health Care Suriname, Drs. Cynthia Rozenblad, encourages the newly graduates to continue their efforts. “There will certainly be times where you will look at the clock and it is 12 at night and patient comes running with a problem tha could have been fixed in the morning, but I encourage you to keep smiling. When you finally get home or are in quite corner at the clinic, you can scream it out. But always to try to uphold MZ and what it stands for. Mingle with the people, because the work is not only in the clinics, but also in the villages.

The director, Edward van Eer also congratulated the graduates and to continue their efforts and continue learning, “ The community will always give critical criticism towards the health care service in our interior. It is therefore important that MZ is doing everything to deliver well-trained GZA’s.” According to the Minister of Health, Patrick Pengel, MZ is meeting exciting times. He also states to work more with MZ on improving health care in the interior.

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