The Medische Zending Primary health Care Suriname ( also known as the Medical Mission) welcomed 8 new healthcare assistants (GZA’s) on Wednesday, May 25 2017 in the presence of the IVV (the nursing inspectorate of the Ministry of Health). These 8 GZA’scompleted a 4 year course, which is provided by the Medical Mission. In addition to congratulations of the IVV and the Ministry of Health, the director of the Medical Mission, E van Eer, also addressed the new GZA’s. He emphasized in his speech the importance of perseverance, not only for achieving their GZA diploma’s, but also when carrying out the work expected by the health care assistants in the field. In addition, the director also indicated that, due to a lack of funding, the  Medical Mission is forced not to recruit  new aspiring students for the coming year. The GZA training has been fully financed by government subsidy since 2011, but since the budget has been reduced over a year ago, this is no longer possible. For retraining and revision of the curriculum, donors such as the PAHO have been ask for support.

Refresher and retraining course of the health care assistants (GZA’s) funded by PAHO
Medical Mission supports school performance of native students in her regions