Medical Mission awarded by Minister of Health for contribution in Malaria prevention and control

On November 6th 2018, the Medical Mission, alongside PAHO and Global Fund, where rewarded by the Minister of Health for her important contribution to the elimination of malaria in Suriname. This took place at Hotel Krasnapolsky in connection with ‘Malaria day for the America’s’. In this context, a National Malaria Elimination Plan Suriname has been issued for 2018-2020. According to recent figures from September 2018, there were 18 nationwide malaria patients in Suriname and 141 people who entered the country with malaria. Malaria in Suriname has not yet been completely eliminated, but if a comparison is made with a number of years back in Suriname where more than 15000 people a year get malaria, Suriname has achieved successes to eliminate malaria. By means of this charter, the efforts of the Medical Mission microscopies, Healthcare Assistants and other Medical Mission employees were particularly appreciated.