On the 12th of December 2016 the partners of the mercury project “PROSAMIGO”, Medical Mission and Radboud UMC from Nijmegen, presented the results of this project to various stakeholders and partners who were involved in this project or had common interest in mercury. An objective of this project was to increase the knowledge of mercury through an awareness program among the miners and local population living in selected villages in the hinterlands namely the Lower Marowijne, Upper Saramacca, Brownsweg, Brokopondo, Sarakreek and Klaaskreek. A pre and posttest was performed to measure the increase in knowledge of mercury. Based on the results of the pretest a health awareness program was developed to educate the miners and the local population about the health effects of mercury. The results of this project have shown that the knowledge of mercury had increased after the awareness program.

In addition, research was also done about the feasibility of developing a program for biological monitoring of mercury in miners, adults and children from the same populations selected in this project.

This project was financially facilitated by the twinning facility UTSN.