In the context of the implementation of the project “Care for those infected”, which is financed by the UNICEF,  the Medical Mission Primary Health Care Suriname officially receives the Early Childhood Development (ECD) kits on May 10, at the health center Brownsweg  in Brokopondo. The ECD-kits were officially handed over by the country representative of Unicef, Mrs. Sylvie Fouet.   Since the first recorded Zika cases in 2016 in the Interior, the Medical Mission carried out a project focusing on Zika prevention funded by Unicef. This project emphasizes on the after-care of the children which were born during and after the outbreak of Zika. The ECD kits will help to monitor the development of these children resulting in quickly detecting any abnormalities by the Medical Mission. A total of 120kits were received from Unicef.

Mrs. Sylvie Fouet emphasizes in her speech to the attendees that “observing and stimulation of Early Childhood Development is easy using these ECD kits “. The period between the ages of 0-3 years is the crucial period for a child to stimulate a good development. UNICEF is happy that they have a role in the monitoring of the development of these children” Mrs. Fouet further shares in her speech. The Director of the Medical Mission expressed his gratitude and is happy that that the medical mission is recognized for the work the Medical Mission delivers in the interior.