‘Stichting Medische Zending Primary Health Care Suriname’ has encouraged students that have the best school achievements, in the region of the upperland Amerindians, with school supplies. It concerns the children with the best performance from the 1st to the 5th grade of all 5 schools in this region.

Each of these children received a package containing a school bag, notebooks, pencil case, writing utensils, sharpener, sweeper, ruler, colored pencils and drawing scripts. Dr. Gaitree Baldewsingh, the region coordinator of this area, says she is very proud of the delivered school achievements by the students. “Supporting and guiding our target group, in particular the school children, is an important goal for the Medical Mission and is a good example of the implementation of the integrated Primary Health Care strategy of MZ”, says Baldewsingh.

Both, parents and children, are very happy with their gift. Earlier in the school year all schools, in these regions, received reading books for the expansion of their library. The gifts were made possible by the HIMMAT-group.