werkbezoek min pengel bov sur 144The minister of Health, Patrick Pengel is fairly impressed with the work done by MZ’s health assistants. He visited various clinic’s in the Boven Suriname region, and was accompanied by the director of the Medische Zending Primary Health Care Suriname, Edward van Eer and the director of ministerie of health, Maureen Wijngaarde- van Dijk.

The visited clinics and health center’s Djoemoe, Hekununu, Kambaloa, Debike, Guyaba, Laduani and Pokigron  warmly welcomed the minister and his entourage. An explanation was given to the Minister on the operation of MZ by the field staff itself. The staff showed clearly that they do more than just treat patients. They are the first and sometimes the only point of contact when it comes to health for the village residents. So they do more than just clinic consultations. Other services that MZ provides, that are also included in the basic health package, are supervising deliveries, dental care and suturing wounds. The dignitaries of the various villages also made use of this opportunity to ask the minister various questions regarding health care.

Many villages asked question regarding spraying mosquitoes in order to prevent the feared Zika epidemic, while others asked to improve the outpatient clinic. Most of the MZ clinics and healthcare housing is built with funds from donors. However, there are a number of buildings that need serious replacement, while other villages have put in a request to build a clinic closer to their village. MZ healthcare workers also challenged the minister with the everyday problems that they face, such as the problems that come with the new health insurance policy.

werkbezoek min pengel bov sur 081The minister was also fairly impressed with how records are kept, data is being collected and how patients are treated according established protocols. He congratulated the staff and called for their continued support and to make good use of training opportunities the Medische Zending has to offer. Because of the refreshment courses and various training, client care has improved. In each village the minister has also asked the various dignitaries to participate in the Primary Health Care approach, as performed by MZ. This also means that by participating they themselves can do a lot to prevent diseases. The Minister also took the time to talk individually with the prospective health workers in training for the Medical Mission, which are in the field. He indicated to be particularly impressed by the fact that there are still young people who choose to serve in the interior.

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