Driven by Christian principles, we pursue to offer fully accessible quality health care and work continuously on the further development of supply and communication systems in basic health care for the inhabitants of the rural areas.


The objective of the foundation is to promote and secure physical-, mental- and social well being of the population in the interior of Suriname according to primary health care principles. The motivations to do so stems from the urge to evangelize in word and deed.

The central aim of our course of action over the period 2001-2005 is:Optimizing the Primary Health Care and continuation of the professionalism of the Medical Mission by enhancing the awareness and efficiency.

The foundation achieves this objective through:

  1. Exploitation of healthcare centers in the hinterland of Suriname;
  2. Training and education of healthcare workers;
  3. Collaborations and communication with government and private institutions and individuals with the focus on the primary health care.

Foundation Board and Board of Directors

Foundation board

C.N. Rozenblad, Chairperson
L. Kloof, Treasurer
M. Beck, Secretary
R. Jaleti, Member
E. Fraenk, Member
C. Cairo, Member

Board of directors

H. Jintie, Managing Director
M. Wijngaarde – van Dijk, Director Medical Affairs
K. Somai, Director Financial & Administrative Affairs

Core Values

The Medical Mission is based on the following values:

The Medical Mission is our responsibility. All of us at the Medical Mission are dedicated and committed.
Helpful. Tolerant. Respectful.
Helpfullness, tolerance and respect characterize our attitude.

We improve and renew diagnostics, treatment and care.

We are health care entrepreneurs focused on the needs of the inhabitants of the rural areas with an open ear for our employees.

We want to excel in our Primary Health Care to the inhabitants of the rural areas and the development thereof.