The Medical mission provides medical care at a total number of 50 health care centers scattered over a 130.000 square kilometer area, which is populated by approximately 54.000 people. The geographic work area can globally be indicated as the districts Brokopondo and Sipaliwini. The greatest part of the population is concentrated along the rivers in the eastern half of Suriname.

The work area is divided in 5 regions with the respective resorts, namely:

  1.  Region East Suriname
    1. Stoelmanseiland
    2. Dritabiki
  2. Region Brokopondo
    1. Brokopondo North
    2. Brokopondo South
  3. Region Upper Suriname
    1. Ladoani
    2. Debike
    3. Djoemoe
  4. Region Middle Suriname
  5. Region Upper Amerindians