‘Sabi yu fantiwoutu kai lobi ku wan kouwsu, be responsible, use a condom. That is the message that is given during the HIV/Aids awareness campagne of the Medical Mission Primary Health Care Suriname (MZ). The campagne was launched on July the 27th 2015 at the nuclease center in Brokopondo. With funding from the U.S President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR), video and audio messages, posters and flyers were produced for the local communities MZ operates in.

Lorenzo New, representative of the American Ambassador and the local high school children attended the viewing of the HIV/Aids video productions that included role models from the local communities. These role models where recommended by the locals. MZ is known by the communities for stimulating community participation. Together with the various communities, MZ strive’s to work on a better health status of the numerous regions we are active in. That is why most of the material used in the campagne are available in the different languages that are spoken in the interior.

After the presentation of the HIV/Aids video productions, the highschool students participated in an impromptu quiz. They actively answered questions about how you can get HIV/Aids, if you should stigmatize a person with HIV/Aids and the importance of getting tested. The message given in the video productions where well received and understood.

Declaration of Paramaribo