The dental care department of MZ received a donation from the Pan American Health organization  in paho poetsmodellenDecember 2015, for the purchase of polish models. These polish models are supposed to be used by the health workers while teaching the children how to brush their teeth properly. The polish models are also used during classroom instructions and individual lessons, during the dental screening.

The children in the class are brought forward to demonstrate how they should bursh their teeth properly and can use the polish model to practice. The elementary schools are taught to brush their teeth on the principles of the 3B’s: Inside, outside and above. All surfaces are cleaned properly while adopting these methods of dental care. The polish models are also useful when giving dental hygiene instructions to patients with poor oral hygiene who visit the clinic, who require extra information on the how to.

At present most of the polish models are given to clinics along the Bovenlandse Indianen. They have already demonstrated the use of these polish models at the elementary schools. Through this donation preventive dentistry can be better performed. MZ is grateful to PAHO for this donation

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