“I don’t need to explain the economic situation in which the Medische Zending Primary Health Care Suriname (Medical Mission) is at the moment and why we are forced to look elsewhere for funds to help us with retraining of our health care assistants ( GZA’s), “ This is what de director of the Medical Mission, Dr. E. van Eer said during his official opening speech at the Health Care assistant’s Refresher and retraining course  on May 15th 2017. This training,  is funded by the PAHO and is needed to help the GZA’s improve and maintain the best possible health care service the Medical Mission offers to its clients in the interior. “We are pleased that the PAHO can contribute to the quality of Primary Heath Care in the country.” Mr. Pierre Pratley, PAHO’s focal point in Suriname shares in his speech the PAHO hopes that with this contribution the Medical Mission will continue to perform its good work in the interior and will continue to pursue reliable, qualitative Primary Heath Care.