“The patients are fairly please with their operations and are very happy that they have regained their eye sight. It makes a big difference for these people, seen to the fact they were very depended on others for help in daily tasks. Now that they can see again, they can perform these task their selves,” says Br. Arend Zandveld, the regional head of the clinics. Almost 219 patience’s from the upper hinterlands of Suriname showed up and were screened by the Suriname Eye Center during the annual eye mission that is always held around Independence Day. This mission took place on November 22nd till the 25th.  Despite the low water levels of the river, which can oppose some challenges in shipping the medical equipment, the operations team lead by the coordinator of the mission Jerrel Pawiroredjo deemed the mission a success. This mission was made possible by sponsors found through the Suriname Eye Center