The working-expenses of the Medical Mission are for 100% financed by the Ministry of Health. The additional costs are financed by projects by a scale of donors.


Guidelines for donation of medicines

Human suffering, especially in disasters and in shortages, stirs in people the natural response to give and to help. This help can be of great value and, therefore, it is important to have this help directed in the right direction, otherwise all help offered goes to waste. In order to get you, as possible donor, on your way to making a sensible donation of medicines, some guidelines have been put in place based on WHO documents and recommendations in this regard.

Points of departure regarding donations of medicines

  1. The Medical Mission must profit maximally of the gift.
  2. Wishes of the Medical Mission and regulations of the Surinamese Government must be respected.
  3. No double standard: if the quality of the donation is not acceptable in the donor country it is not acceptable in Suriname.
  4. Effective communication between you and the Medical Mission.


  1. Medicines must be geared to the needs and illnesses in Suriname.
  2. All medicines or their generic equivalent must be approved for use in Suriname;
  3. Appearance, strength and dose must match medicines used in Suriname as much as possible;
  4. The medicines must originate from a reliable source and must meet the quality requirements in Suriname and the country of origin;
  5. Do not make donations of medicines that were already issued to patients and that have been returned to pharmacies in the country of origin;
  6. Generally, the expiration date must cover at least one year. Exceptions: a specific donation with the knowledge of the Medical Mission of which the “shelf life” is less than one year and of such quantity that it allows issue before the expiration date;
  7. The medicines must be labeled in a language that is clear for all health care workers of the Medical Mission. The label must state at least:
  8. generic name of the preparation (no brand name)
  9. batch number
  10. dose
    d. strength
  11. name of producer
  12. quantity in the package
  13. storage conditions
  14. expiration date
  15. The medicines must be packaged in accordance with international shipping rules and accompanied by a detailed packing list that states: the content of the numbered boxes in accordance with generic name of the medicines, form of dosage, quantity, batch number, expiration date, volume, weight and storage conditions. Per packaged unit, the weight may not exceed 50 kg. Medicines may not be put together with other medical aids in one (1) box.
  16. The Medical Mission must have knowledge of all medicines that are donated, prepared and issued;
  17. The value must be based on wholesale prices or world market prices of the generic equivalent;
  18. Costs for international and local transport, storage, clearing and proper storage and handling are borne by the donor unless otherwise agreed upon with the Medical Mission.

If you wish to make a financial donation, please do so by deposit in one of the following accounts in our name:

Medical Mission Primary Health Care Suriname

Zonnebloemstraat 45 – 47

PO Box 4086


Bank relations:

DSB bank (DSB)

Account no: 0830283

currency: Surinamese Dollar (SRD)

Henck Arronstraat 26-30

swift code: SURBSRPA


Republic Bank

Account no: 2400000128461274

currency: Euro

Kerkplein 1

Swift code: RBNKSRPA


Hakrinbank N.V.

account no: 5883814

currency: North American Dollar (US$)

Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat 11-13